We build products for our clients, for ourselves and at our hacknights. While we love building products, we understand that validating ideas is a necessary first step.

We’ve been working on a new tool that allows people to quickly and easily build a landing page to validate their product idea.

To test our landing page tool (and the team!), we asked everyone at Simpleweb to think up an idea for a product and create a landing page that would allow them to validate their idea.

Each landing page allows people to put their email down to be informed of the product’s launch. The landing page with the most sign-ups by Friday 19th June 2015 will be our winner. The winning Simplewebber will win a (yet to be disclosed) prize and if the winning idea gains a decent amount of traction, it may be the next product we work on…

Here’s the landing pages with a little bit more detail about each idea. Check out the landing pages for yourself and sign up for your favourites, we may just be in touch to tell you about a launch…




BrewBox is a subscription for craft brewing. Discover 12 different brew kits with grain, hops and yeast to create a unique brew each time.

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Shelf Space



Shelf-Space is an app for independent shop owners to keep track of sales in their stores. Find out if moving stock around on your shop floor makes a positive or negative impact on your sales.

If you move an item closer to the door of your shop, will this item be more likely to sell? With Shelf-Space, you’ll be able to measure the outcome.

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BitTorrent Sync is great but only being able to sync within your network is a nightmare.

Cloudbit brings BitTorrent Sync into the cloud so you can sync and access up-to-date files wherever you are.

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Friendzone is a hook-up app with a difference, it’s all about finding new buddies with shared interests, and is perfect for those new to a city.

With Friendzone you can swipe through users in your area, check out their interests and safety-rating, message your matches and make new friends.

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Yoga Spot Bristol


The Yoga Spot Bristol

If you’ve spent any time trying to find a new yoga class you’ll know the options are endless, seriously time consuming and maybe even a little overwhelming.

Yoga Spot Bristol is an iPhone app that can detect your location and shows any yoga classes happening around you. Through having all of Bristol’s studio schedules in one place it makes it easy to book ahead. It also gives you the chance to try different styles of yoga and new instructors across a variety of locations.

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Ping Pong Street Battles



Ping Pong tables are popping up in cities around the world, but how are you supposed to find a worthy opponent?

Ping Pong Street Battles is a mobile app that allows you to find ping pong opponents to play on public tables in your city.

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Can’t afford legal advice? Don’t want to talk to your friends about the nitty gritty of your relationship?

Brainswap is an app connecting people who have expert knowledge with people who need advice.

With Brainswap, you can post your problems and questions anonymously and get answers from people who know what they’re talking about, or answer questions you know the answers to.

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Selling on Amazon and Shopify? Fed up of uploading your stock items twice?

Shamzify did most of the heavy lifting for you to keep your inventories in sync between Shopify and Amazon Market. Submit your product details to Shamzify, select which stores you want to sell on and you’re done!

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This is denim

Denim will allow your “buy”, “continue”, “more” buttons to evolve on their own to get you the best conversion rate possible. Using proprietary genetic algorithms Denim will enable you to convert more by doing less.

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You’re doing email wrong.

Is it any wonder you’re not getting through your unread emails when you’re looking at the most recent emails first?

Remail is an email client that puts your oldest unread emails at the top of the list, your most recent unread emails in the middle and your read emails at the end.

Stop reading email forwards and start reading it backwards.

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Et Cetera


et cetera

Et cetera will be an app where you can tell people about hidden gems about your local area. From practical things like places to charge your phone or change nappies, to restaurants and pubs that aren’t mentioned by the guidebooks.

Everyone knows something fun or useful about their local area that no one else knows about, Et Cetera will give you a way to share that knowledge.

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Twitter for Business


Twitter for Business

An internal version of Twitter, for your business!

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Top Five

Mark S.

Your Top 5
The idea is that you make list of your top 5 favourite things (e.g. films, songs, recipes etc) and see how they compare against the most recognised sources (e.g. IMDB for movies etc) and also match against your friends (e.g. use referral to add friends).

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Edit: Here’s an extra late entry from our work experience student, Tom…

Fast Forward

Ever wanted to access all your video streaming services in one place? Fast Forward is a simple, user-friendly software that brings together all the media of iPlayer, 4OD, HBO Now, Netflix, Now TV and more. It allows you to search through all the movies, TV shows and videos of any of these websites and stream it through FastForward quickly and easily, all in one location.

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Don’t forget to sign up for your favourites! If you want a landing page to test your startup idea, give Simpleweb a shout today!

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