Our site has been down for a while. We put up a simple holding page in the meantime (which has been far more effective than we predicted). This “down time” has given us a chance to reflect on who we are as a company and who we want to be.

We’ve always focused on combining technology and marketing. This has been traditionally hard to explain to people and to manage expectations. Then “Social Media” came along, the catch all phrase that has generated a thousand and one gurus and experts. The very words send a shudder down my spine, in the same way that “SEO” does. I won’t get into wealth of meaning banded around the intertubes for this phrase. I will however say that it has got us closer to being able to describe what it is that we do…

Now finally, we’ve reached that comfortable place that enables us to easily explain what we are, what we do and where we want to be. It’s all about REALTIME.

Everything is realtime now. Online conversations, measurement, taking action, technology. When we execute a project we want to get it out before the world changes, we want to listen and act on what people are saying about it, we want to be able to understand how it’s being used, enable users to communicate with each other in a way that suits them – all in realtime.

It’s only now that this is all coming together, socially and technically. We are very passionate about this, we want to be square in the middle of this revolution. For our clients and for our own products.

So here we are. A new ethos, a new website, a growing team, great clients and some great products.

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