Simpleweb’s blockchain team have been working with DOVU to build a bespoke cryptocurrency wallet as part of a ten week programme for BMW’s Innovation Lab aimed at innovative startups.

BMW’s Innovation Lab has been running for the last two years inviting selected startups and groundbreaking tech companies to work alongside BMW to try out new and disruptive ideas over an initial 10 week programme — with successful projects continuing a relationship with BMW.

DOVU was invited to join the ten week programme alongside four other startups, varying from dataviz specialists, a geo-based advertising startup, a SaaS product to help manage staff satisfaction and a car sharing platform created by the Easyjet group.

As a technology partner to DOVU our experienced development team were able to help work alongside DOVU in developing a bespoke solution for BMW. By the end of the initial ten week programme, our development team had developed a custom wallet for BMW, built on Ethereum, co-branded with Alphabet’s visual branding. Once complete DOVU took the app and distributed it internally via their enterprise accounts with versions available for iOS and Android users.

The conclusion of the first phase of the project ended with a final demo of the finished product to senior BMW staff from across the World at the Tate Modern in London. Read the full story here.

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