We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our growing investment portfolio – Landmrk.

Landmrk creates location-based campaigns that allow people to unlock unique content in real-world locations. Founded in 2016 by marketing tech entrepreneur Seth Jackson and CMO Tom Nield, who brings a decade of experience running global campaigns, they incentivise movement by rewarding people with engaging experiences in what they call ‘kinetic currency’.

In an increasingly busy digital world, the future lies in giving brands the opportunity to give people real exclusivity whereby content is scarce, as the global phenomenon of Pokemon Go proved.

Big players in the music industry were first to see the value in what Landmrk had created and the team were asked to create campaigns for Alt-J and no other than Keith Richards, giving people the opportunity to find and unlock brand new tracks for a first listen in unique locations.

Since then, campaigns for brands like Carling and Unilever have seen fans compete for money-can’t-buy experiences, whilst picking up free samples along the way. Fans of the hugely popular TV show, Homeland got the chance to immerse themselves in the storyline by intercepting phone conversations around the streets of Manhattan to get their unique Agent ID badge and win exclusive ‘Homeland’ prizes and experiences.

What we love about Landmrk is the simplicity for the user. Campaigns are mobile web based, so there’s no app to download, although they can be built into native apps. We’ll be helping them develop their platform, leaving them with more time to create even more innovative campaigns.

Watch this space for more exciting developments from Landmrk, or find out more at landmrk.it


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