We’ve just put live a few simpleweb.co.ukeet little updates to Rusic.com.

We’ve improved the “discuss” button from the previous orange link. It’s only a little change but the improvement is big. It’s much more obvious now what is expected of the user.

We also improved the footer and more importantly improved stability. You also no longer need to log out to view the buckets on the home page. Expect a big update in this area soon…

The PRO version (coming soon) is awesome

Check out the lovely new moderation area for the yet to be publicly released PRO version. It enables quick moderation of comments and ideas within a bucket. Nothing is deleted it’s just deactivated.

There’s also a new webhook system for firing events to external services, meaning integration with mailing providers is pretty straight forward amongst many other cool things.

Also GoApe is the latest PRO user for their summer campaign as you can see Rusic is fully skinnable… We’ll save that for another post.

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