OLIO's Tessa and Martina
OLIO’s Tessa and Martina

OLIO is a fantastic new app helping people to reduce food waste by hooking them up with neighbours to share unwanted food with. Until recently, OLIO has enabled users to give food away for free, or for a small cost, but a new feature will mean OLIO users can give their unwanted food away in return for a donation to charity.

Screenshot of OLIO
An OLIO user asking for donations in return for food

When the OLIO team started noticing users ‘hacking’ the app to get donations for charity, they decided it was time to make it a proper feature.

OLIO have now added a ‘request donation’ button which allows users to enter the details of the charity and how to make a donation at the point of adding an item.

Tessa Cook, Co-Founder of OLIO says that they will be integrating payments and donations into that app over the next couple of months “so that it all happens seamlessly, rather than offline as it is at present… The plan is that users will be able to select the local charity of their choice, so OLIO can become a super effective new fundraising channel for local charities.”

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