Google + is good. It could possibly replace many of the social networks that we already use. I’ll leave that debate for hindsight. One thing that I do keep seeing is how people want to make it tight knit and just have “close people” in their circles. This is missing the point of circles.

A few weeks ago having a way to share information with a large list of people on an ad-hoc basis would be based around Mailchimp or similar. Now with G+ you can do almost effortlessly and the people that engage with you the most can be “promoted” to a “closer circle”… It’s like a bloggers dream come true,

Create a new circle and call it “Random People”. Everybody that you don’t know what to do with, add them here. You can then use this circle as you see fit. I’ve got lots of people that I’ve heard of, or that over the years have connected to me randomly, through blogs, etc. It’s a useful list, you can share things with this circle such as a new product or an announcement. It becomes like a virtual newsletter (virtual virtual!) list.

I’m still not convinced that Google + is a threat to Twitter or Facebook. It is however a fantastic piece of technology that can only get better.

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