OLIO started life as a free app connecting neighbours with each other and with local shops & cafes so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away. This week, OLIO is opening up a new section for ‘non food’ items.

“A lot of people were adding non food items” says Tessa Cook, Co-Founder of OLIO. As the OLIO team was spending more and more time removing these items from the app, it dawned on them that they were missing a great opportunity to expand the app the way their users wanted them to. “The reality is there are toiletries, cleaning products and kitchen equipment that people want to be able to share too.”

While their core mission is still to fight food waste, OLIO believe they have an amazing opportunity to reduce all sorts of waste in the home, from cosmetics to unwanted pots and pans.

“Our mission firmly remains to ‘unlock the value of food that is wasted in the home & local community’, says a recent email from OLIO, “and by making the app more relevant to more people we hope to achieve this. When millions of people are using OLIO on a daily basis, food sharing will become second nature to all.”

Download OLIO on the App Store or Google Play now to get involved.

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