We are thrilled to announce that new ethical ticketing app, Tikk, has just launched in Bristol!

Founded by Martin Hiscox, Tikk is all about preventing touting, getting rid of booking fees and allowing users to get refunds on their tickets.

While it’s only available in Bristol for now, the app is designed to help people find great local events from food and drink festivals to gigs to theatre productions and more.

To prevent touting, tickets are locked to specific users and feature a few nifty tricks to make it easy for people buying tickets and event organisers to spot fakes.

To create more freedom for ticket holders, Tikk allows users to relist tickets to sold out events. Simply click the “relist” button and receive a full refund when someone buys your ticket.

We’ve also developed a redemption app so event organisers can quickly scan people in, keeping queues moving and making sure everyone gets the most out of events.

Download Tikk from the App Store or Google Play now.

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