We’ve just released new features for Ordoo – an app for pre-ordering and paying for food and drink at cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and bars.

The latest features will help food and drink establishments to understand the key metrics we use every day in the tech world, and use them to engage with customers, rewarding loyalty and keeping in touch with regulars.

Cafes and restaurants can engage with specific customer segments using Ordoo

The new release is based on Dave McClure’s Pirate Metrics model and helps bars and restaurants to understand their key metrics in the following areas:

  • Acquisition – getting customers through the door
  • Activation – getting customers to buy things
  • Retention – getting customers to keep coming back
  • Referral – getting customers to tell their friends
  • Revenue – making money!

We recently held several workshops on Pirate Metrics with Ordoo Founder, Tom Dewhurst to identify key areas of growth in his business. “I’ve seen the value of it myself and rely on it now” says Tom, who is making it Ordoo’s mission to help quick service venues understand and engage their customers.

Mobile ordering and payments are becoming ubiquitous in the world of hospitality, with global chains Starbucks and McDonalds launching their own mobile ordering apps recently.

With Ordoo, smaller businesses can benefit from the same data and engage users to the same degree as global chains at a fraction of the cost.

Find out more at ordoo.co.uk.

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