We’re thrilled to announce a new version of Coherent – a platform for managing shared workspaces.

At the end of last year, we helped Coherent hire and onboard their first in-house developer, Greg. Over the last couple of months, we’ve been working alongside Coherent to make some huge changes to the platform.

A new Slack integration automatically adds new workspace members to the relevant Slack channels.

We’ve added in recurring bookings so that members can book desks, meeting rooms or any other facilities on a regular basis. Have the same meeting every Monday? Now you can make sure you have the same room at the same time with the same people simply 🙂

This latest release will allow recurring charges outside of tariffs. This means that workspaces who want to regularly charge members for services outside their tariffs will be able to add a manual charge to their invoice and have it automatically applied each month.

We’ve also made it super simple for Pay as You Go members to switch to monthly tariffs where their first bill will automatically be pro rated if they switch mid month.

GoCardless, the direct debit payment system Coherent uses for all its customers has recently released a new version of their API. They notified Coherent last year that they will be deprecating their legacy API in October 2017.

As part of this release, we have upgraded the Coherent payment system to the new GoCardless API. There’s loads of new functionality to future proof payments going forward, but most critical to Coherent is the way the new API deals with authorising accounts.

Previously, Coherent users had to set a pre-authentication limit for monthly payments that could be taken out of their accounts.

This new release allows users to onboard to the system with fewer steps and provides more simplicity and flexibility to the payment collection process, whilst maintaining the protection of an industry-wide limit of £5k per transaction, to prevent fraud.

And finally, thanks to user feedback, we’ve been able to fix a few small niggles and give the bookings page a design refresh to make it super simple for members to book facilities.

Find out more at coherent.work.

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