Xeroe, a green courier startup, is making its mark on the future of sustainable inner-city delivery and transportation with a platform that puts emission-free vehicles in one place, allowing people to guarantee green delivery and courier of products.

Partnering with us as our newest startup investment, we’ve already been privileged to work with Xeroe to build the MVP platform which will allow both drivers of electric and emission-free vehicles to sign up to the platform, and for customers to quickly and easily book them for delivery and courier services via a mobile app.

We’re really excited to be testing the first version of the platform in central London this summer

Steve Evans Xeroe’s founder (pictured left) tells us: “We chose to work with Simpleweb because of their partnership approach and track record. This has allowed us to leverage their technical expertise in building the product, as well as working in partnership to develop the business on a strategic level.

“As a result of the latest build, and Simpleweb’s input of new ideas around the functionality of the product, we’re really excited to be testing the first version of the platform in central London this summer.”

Clean-air courier

Despite London having some of the worst levels of air pollution in the world, finding green vehicles to deliver products around the city is very difficult. Although plenty of delivery providers have one or two emission-free vehicles in their fleets, it’s rare that you can guarantee that one of these vehicles will be available when you need it.

For businesses and organisations regularly using courier services, the benefits of Xeroe extend beyond making fast and easy green choices. Future versions of Xeroe will link journeys to a proprietary health tracker developed in conjunction with Imperial College London.

The tracker will show how much Co2, NOx and other pollutants are saved from entering the atmosphere each time a Xeroe emission-free vehicle is booked. This will be incredibly useful for companies’ tracking and reporting on their annual greenhouse gas emissions.

It will also show the cost savings by the NHS, along with the length of time added to the average Londoners’ life.

With the costs of pollution at the forefront of both people and politics, we’re excited to be working with a startup that’s at the front-line in helping businesses make easy changes to become more sustainable and promote the benefits of cleaner air in our cities.

Stay tuned to the blog to see how Xeroe and its team develop the product in the coming months.

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