Over the last 3 months, we’ve been asking you to submit your web and mobile app ideas to the #GetStarted2014 startup competition, and get as many people to vote for your ideas as possible.

The winner of #GetStarted2014 will win £50,000 worth of support (including web development from Simpleweb, a marketing plan from Onboardly and a year of web hosting from Rackspace) to turn their idea into a real, working app.

Voting on the competition is now closed and the top 10 finalists with the most votes are currently making video pitches to help our judges decide who will win.

We’re pleased to announce the #GetStarted2014 10 finalists. Here goes…

  1. Pricelizer – a price alert tool that tells shoppers when prices drop.
  2. FollowUp – a mobile app to help you follow up with connections as soon as you get their business cards.
  3. Social Belly – the Airbnb for dinner parties.
  4. PlanMyEvent – an online event planning tool.
  5. Dojo – Tinder for apartment rental search.
  6. useit – a social community platform for sharing goods, skills and services.
  7. Fourth Mate – a project management tool for construction, maintenance and restoration professionals.
  8. JobRangers – a recruitment platform using big data analytics and culture patterns to match jobseekers with recruiters.
  9. uTribe – a social community for students to make friends from other universities, and meet employers and mentors.
  10. I Cant Wait – an app for managing queues in retail stores and restaurants.

Although voting for the competition is closed, #GetStarted2014 will remain open for you to showcase your ideas for the chance to find new users, test your market and get your idea in front of investors.

If you’ve got a startup idea, and need somewhere to showcase it, head over to getstarted2014.co.uk and submit your idea now!

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