Hooray! We’ve just launched #GetStarted! We sift through the best tutorials, articles, offers and discounts, hand picking the best and delivering them for free to your inbox weekly.

We speak to entrepreneurs every day and whether they’re a client, investment or just a person asking for our advice, we always make sure to be honest and point them in the right direction. With #GetStarted, we want to offer this support to more people.

We know there’s a lot of advice for startups out there, and it’s overwhelming. With #GetStarted, we’re making it our duty to sift through what’s out there, and pick out the stuff we know will be useful to you.

Here’s how it works: when you sign up to #GetStarted, you’ll immediately unlock discounts for 6 SaaS products that will be useful for your business. Redeem them now or redeem them later, they’re yours to keep. From then on, we’ll be scouring the web for the best resources for entrepreneurs, hand-picking our favourites and delivering them to your inbox, for free, every Wednesday.

Sign up at getstartedhq.com and tell us what you think.

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