“…the number of people interacting online was incredible and the resulting database almost ten times larger because of this…” – Ali Shears, Direct Marketing Manager at Fat Face.

To say we were pleased with the result is an understatement.

When Fat Face told us that they wanted to give away a VW Campervan we knew that we had to come up with something awesome to make sure that as many people as possible would get a chance to win it.

The objective was to increase the size of the mailing list, the offline mailing list and as a secondary objective, to build brand awareness.

We came up with a very simple online mechanism. Basically a prize draw – with a twist.

A user visited the site that we created, entered their details and they were then given their own page to share with their friends. Every friend that entered the competition gave the user three more chances to win.

We then encouraged the user to share their page in as many places as possible with Twitter, Facebook, email sharing and various social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Stumbleupon and Google Bookmarks.

The Quote…

Here’s a full quote from Alison Shears, direct marketing manager at Fat Face,

“To increase awareness of the competition we wanted to implement the Media Genius’ competition application.  The ease of sharing information via social networks combined with the referral mechanic really drove the viral element of this – making it the biggest in Fat Face history.

The competition was great for brand awareness – the number of people interacting online was incredible and the resulting database almost ten times larger because of this.  Data capture enabled us to see the demographics of those entering, generating useful information for future marketing.  It was also great to see the volume of people who opted in for Fat Face information.  Obviously the incentive was well aligned with our brand!

It was amazing watching the buzz our campaign generated across social networks like Twitter and Facebook.  It’s easy to use with everything in one place making it simple to pull out all the information you need to evaluate campaigns.”

Eyeballs everywhere

Interestingly we noticed that even though email was used over three times as much for sharing; Facebook by far sent the most traffic. The average share ratio on Facebook is one to one hundred and fifty, whereas email is only one to one. That’s a lot of pairs of eyes looking at the brand and a lot of potential people that we can get to engage with it. Twitter has an even higher ratio but still has nowhere near the momentum of Facebook in everyday culture.

Evangelists replace street teams

Once the users were engaged, we were amazed at the lengths some of them would go to market their page. One enterprising entrant had over two thousand entries, this person had become an evangelist of great value to the Fat Face brand. Not so long ago we’d have paid a lot of money to so called “street teams” to do this for us, basically hiring key influencers and enabling brute force awareness creation in blogs and forums…

Peer to peer marketing

An unexpected, yet fascinating and incredibly powerful engagement observation was the way the entrants would modify the message that they were sending to their friends. The default message “Check out the Fat Face – WIN a classic VW camper at winacamper.fatface.com” started to become targeted with language that their peers would respond to. Entrants were starting to become a peer to peer marketing machine, tailoring the message for their own purpose. This totally blew us away and we will being exploring this in further campaigns…

Increasing the Fan Base

Every user that opted in had their details directly imported into Fat Face’s mailing list manager via its API. I can’t tell you the numbers, but, I can tell you that they already had a good sized list and it was increased by over one thousand percent… The take up for receiving the “snail mail” catalogue was also astounding, this is as much a testament to Fat Face’s very loyal initial fanbase.

This campaign used Simpleweb’s Media Genius set of tools for social monitoring and the actual prize draw application itself. Please contact us to see if we can help you.

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