This summer, we’re offering £50,000 worth of development for the best startup idea with #GetStarted2014.

Alongside Onboardly and Rackspace, we’re offering to turn the winning idea into a working MVP, help the winner market their idea, and cover web hosting costs for 1 year.

The finalists have been selected and were given just 1 week to create a short video pitch that would help our panel of expert judges pick a winner.

The pitches are in and the judges are busy choosing their winner. In the meantime, here’s the 10 finalists’ video pitches. Who would you choose?

1. Pricelizer

“For you who shop online who want to save money while you buy the things you love. The is a automatic price alert tool that will tell you when the price drops..

Unlike price comparisson sites, our product discount hunting sites you can now buy the things you love when they go on sale.”

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2. FollowUp

“For Sales Professionals and Networkers who want to grow there network on a more personal level. The Followup is a Personalized Email Following Up Mobile App that you to follow up with connections as soon as you get there business card with “Personalized emails”.”

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3. Social Belly

“For foodies who want to attend and host London’s top dining events. The Social Belly platform is a social marketplace that allows users to monetise their culinary passion, make new friends and enjoy great food at a great value.”

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4. PlanMyEvent

“A place for Planners to come who want to plan there event all in one place. The planmyevent network is a social Community platform for Planners and Vendors that enables planners and vendors to find each other in one place.”

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5. useit

“For people who are fed up with spending and accumulating who are looking for more useful, collaborative, creative and meaningful ways to live. The useit sharing platform is a social community platform that enables you and I to make a real difference, here and now, with what we already have. It’s simply about tapping into all that wasted value, using the vast array of technology we have available.”

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6. Dojo

“For apartment renters who are sick of traditional searching methods and want something better, faster and stronger. The Dojo application is a simple rental search tool that allows users to browse listings with a single gesture. They can then save the ones they like and contact the landlord directly.”

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7. Fourth Mate

“For project managers, architects, facilities managers & caretakers who need to oversee the construction, maintenance or restoration of buildings, vessels, estates, retail outlets, utility networks, etc. The Fourth Mate service is a simple to use, collaborative solution that allows users to capture issues on a mobile device including annotated photos, pin point them on a plan and invite associates to contribute to the structured conversation that will help resolve them.”

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8. Job Rangers

“For Companies who want to -board top talent through sources they trust. The JobRangers application is a Crowdsourcing application combined with machine learning for big data analytics that entices the right candidas to be accesible to hiring managers.”

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9. uTribe

“For University students & Academics who relish an online community of their own. The uTribe is a social online community that offers users the ability to make friends from other universities, interact with employers, buy, sell, share ideas, learn, mentor and chat across the network.”

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10. ICantWait

“Unlike old school pager system, our product is focused on newest technology reaching out to customers on there phones sending the coupons allowing them to get more done. Instead of the bulky pagers that some restaurants still carry that keeps them bound to waiting inside.”

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Although voting for the competition is closed, #GetStarted2014 will remain open for you to showcase your ideas for the chance to find new users, test your market and get your idea in front of investors.

If you’ve got a startup idea, and need somewhere to showcase it, head over to and submit your idea now!

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