We love cake.

We’ve decided to channel our love of cake for the greater good, and will be adding to a charity jar every time we take a slice of homemade cake (prepared by a member of the Simpleweb team).

Each month, a member of the team will get to choose a charity to receive that month’s cake donations. 100% of the cash taken will be donated to charity.

We started our charity cake drive last month with Positive Causes who offer work to people who struggle to find it. Happiness Officer Georgie explains why she chose the charity…

“They give a lot of help to young people in Bristol who are homeless or struggling to stay clean from substance abuse, the chance to change their life in a positive way and help them get back into work.

“The people I have spoken to who go around selling the magazine, which they themselves have helped to produce, are always friendly, energetic and I admire their hard work and enthusiasm.

More needs to be done to help people who are at their lowest, so thank goodness for Positive Causes, they are amazing.”

We raised £40 for Positive Causes in March and we’re exited to announce the next charity…

March’s charity is Women’s Aid, chosen by me (Content Manager Kylie).

Women’s Aid is an amazing charity aiming to end domestic abuse against women and children.

Not only does Women’s Aid support those who have suffered domestic abuse, but they also work hard to make long lasting changes by campaigning and influencing Government policy, educating people about domestic abuse and researching and publishing data on key issues. They’re doing brilliant work to help put an end to domestic violence once and for all.

Here’s one example of how Women’s Aid have helped survivors of domestic violence (click to enlarge)…


There’s loads of ways you can support Women’s Aid too. Find out how you can get involved here.

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