Each month we raise money for charity by donating £1 every time we eat a slice of homemade cake made by a member of the Simpleweb team.

Last month we raised £117.28 for Bristol based charity Temwa, who are working to build a sustainable future for the people of Malawi through community based projects in health education, skills development, agriculture, forestry and schools support.

This month we’re raising money for Off the Record (OTR), a Bristol charity that provides free counselling, group workshops, anti-stigma campaigns, creative therapies, LGBTQ+ networks and community-based support groups for young people. OTR works across Bristol and South Gloucestershire and is free at every point of access.

OTR was chosen by Simpleweb team member Natasha, who says “it’s important to empower young people to look after their mental health so they can manage their emotions better, improve how they feel about themselves and are better able to overcome life’s challenges. Off the Record provides this much needed advice and support.”

To find out more and how you can support Off the Record, visit otrbristol.org.uk.

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