The Crowd has had an amazing year expanding their events programme which helps large businesses and organisations understand and improve their impact on the environment and society at large.

To help them make more of an impact with their events programme, The Crowd have built out an impressive team, including 2 new hires this year:

Daniel McMurray joined The Crowd as Chief Catalyst in April. Daniel has been involved in a number of large events businesses and back in 2014, he was trained by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore to be a Climate Reality Leader, tasked with undertaking Acts of Leadership to help spread the word about the climate crisis and the need to find solutions.

Tim Mann came on board as Chairman in July. Tim has 20 years in the events business and ran a cross sector, large scale conference business for 6 years. Tim has plenty of experience in the renewable energy sector in his role as MD at Solar Media and is currently working with 6+ conference and media companies.

In late October, The Crowd held their biggest event of the year – X Energy – which bought together 160+ senior energy, sustainability, property, and facilities professionals to explore the intersection of energy and tech, inspiring and connecting the leading minds from a mix of energy intensive sectors.

In 2018, The Crowd will be further expanding their ‘X’-event series, helping organisations explore new areas of the sustainability landscape like energy management, health and safety, communications and supply chains, to build a better relationship between big companies and society at large.

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