These last two months, we’ve been eating cake baked by our happiness officer Georgie, to raise money for The Rainbow Centre – a haven of peace for children and their families suffering from the effects of a life-threatening illness or death in the family.

For every slice of cake eaten, we pop a pound in the charity pot – which has raised £102 this time around! Cream tea anyone?

The funds will go towards counselling, family fun days and workshops provided by the Rainbow Centre to help bereaved young children and their parents overcome the overwhelming emotions that often accompany the loss of a loved one.

Funds for farms

For June and July, we’ve selected Windmill Hill City Farm as our charity of choice. Based just two minutes from our office, this is a choice spot for many members of the Simpleweb team. Whether it be for a delicious cup of coffee from their cafe, or to pop in and say hello to the goats on our lunch break – the Windmill team has even lent us a load of extra chairs for our events!

We figured it was about time we gave back and put something towards some of the awesome work that they do at the farm. From education to therapy using food, the farm does amazing things for the local community.

Find out more about what they get up to with the local community on the Windmill Hill City Farm news page.

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