Anyone that has run a copy of WordPress for any period of time will appreciate the need to keep it up to date with the latest version.

It’s a fantastic product but is always being improved and hasn’t historically had the best track record for security.

To help us out with this problem, we’ve just built a widget for the fantastic that will allow us to see, at a glance, which of the WordPress sites we manage that need updating.

It shows us each of our sites, the current version of WordPress and the website URL.

Using the SVN tags from the WordPress source control, we also grab the current release version number of WordPress so we can compare it to the version each site is running to colour the output. Versions that are behind get output in red so we can’t miss them!

The plan, when we plug in a few other key bits of info from around the company, will be to have this mounted permanently in the office on a nice big telly.

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