Here at Simpleweb HQ, we provide our team with healthy sandwiches and soups (courtesy of GeekFeeder) every day, as well as loads of fresh fruit for snacking.

So why do we do it?

They love it

Delicious sandwiches and soups delivered straight to their desks makes the Simpleweb team very happy. And being happy motivates them.

A study by a group of Warwick based economists found that happier workers were 12% more productive while unhappy workers were 10% less productive.

“We find that human happiness has large and positive causal effects on productivity,” the team of economists said. “Positive emotions appear to invigorate human beings, while negative emotions have the opposite effect.”

It’s healthy

We care about our team and we want them to be healthy.

Unhealthy diets are likely to leave us feeling sluggish and having difficulty concentrating says the British Heart Foundation. Healthy lunches help to keep the Simpleweb team alert and productive.

It’s convenient

Providing lunch gives our team more time to enjoy their lunch break.

Taking sufficient lunch breaks is widely recognised as being beneficial for both workers and employers. In a 2012 article for the BBC, former Wall Street trader Frank Partnoy said

“ If we burrow into work, and don’t come up for air during the day, we will have a hard time thinking strategically or putting our daily tasks into broader context.”

Healthy lunches delivered to their desks means the Simpleweb team have more time to relax, refresh and play more games of pool before they get back to rolling out some awesome products.

Smiles all ‘round.

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