We’re looking for a great Ruby on Rails web developer to join our awesome team in Bristol.

Simpleweb isn’t a typical web agency and our main line of work is building web and mobile based products. This means lots of exciting projects with technical challenges and real engineering problems to solve.

As well as client work, we also love to create our own SaaS-based products. You’ll play an active role in their development and be an integral part of the company’s success (as the share options we’ll offer you will reflect!). You’ll work in small teams on a variety of cool products that will keep your minds fresh and fingers nimble.

The tech we use includes Ruby/Rails, PHP (Zend), JS/Coffeescript, Node.js, MySQL, Mongo, Redis, Chef/Vagrant and cloud based services and more! You want to stay at the cutting edge? Join our team and enjoy the challenges.

We work normal office hours but it’s quite common for the team to be hacking away on something cool gone home time… you will need to be of the same developer mentality.

While we all work hard, we like to rewards ourselves when we hit our targets. In the past, we’ve killed zombies with Zed Events and held our Christmas party in Amsterdam. We also provide daily healthy homemade sandwiches and soups!

We’re looking for a unique web application developer that understands the importance of good engineering solutions above all else, takes pride in what they deliver and enjoys being an active part of a hard working and smart team.

Personal traits

  • Sense of humour.
  • Passionate about your work.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Smart and humble.
  • Equal willingness to learn and teach.


  • Participate in the planning, analysis, design, development and deployment of products, features and enhancements.
  • Build high-performance, scalable applications and APIs.
  • Create clean, maintainable and well tested code.


  • Excellent debugging and problem solving skills.
  • Proficient in at least two of the following languages/platforms (and an eagerness to learn new languages!): Ruby (Rails), PHP (Symfony/Laravel), Node.js, JavaScript/Coffeescript, Objective C.
  • A strong command of HTML, Javascript and CSS, familiarity with Sass would be good.
  • Experience with MVC development frameworks, test driven development and agile development processes.
  • An understanding of database theory with experience of MySQL. Any experience of NoSQL alternatives is a bonus!
  • Good understanding of the entire development process, including testing, build, deploy and maintenance.


  • Salary negotiable based on experience.
  • Company share options.
  • Pension scheme.
  • Regular days/nights out.
  • Lunch provided.

To apply, please send us a cover letter/email with a bit about yourself and a concise CV outlining your experience to jess@simpleweb.co.uk



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