We’re always looking for talented people to join our team, and over the past few months, we’ve welcomed some great people on board…


Jess joined as our new Office Manager in November last year, making sure the office runs smoothly and everyone’s happy. Jess has dived straight in (including surviving our Christmas party in Amsterdam just a few weeks after starting!) and we’re pleased to welcome her onto the team.


Karl is currently working remotely as a senior web developer until he moves to Bristol and joins us in the office next month. So far, he’s been joining our morning standups via a combination of Google Hangouts and a WebRTC controlled missile launcher made by Adam for our last hack night.


Andrew is our newest front-end developer, joining us from Cardiff. After completing his degree in Computer Science, Andrew moved into project management for a few years. He’s excited to be finally returning to his passion for web development and is already hitting the ground running with some exciting projects.

If you’re interested in working with Simpleweb, give us a shout on info@simpleweb.co.uk and we’ll talk 🙂

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