Coherent is an awesome new tool to help shared workspace operators manage their space and give their members what they need to succeed.

Earlier this year, we completed work on a Minimum Viable Product version of Coherent. As we begin work on Phase 2, we caught up with Coherent’s project lead, Ryan McKee, to talk about what the team learned from the MVP and how they’re going to move forward…

New clients and early adopters

Coherent have already attracted a number of early adopters including the Engine Shed, one of the largest and most popular workspaces in the South-West. As part of the next phase of development, Coherent will be working with these customers to introduce a range of new features and updates.

“We’ve signed up all of the members in our Frome workspace” says Forward Space host Ange, who’s been the main operator using the system so far. “The switchover went pretty much without a hitch, I was really impressed! Naturally we ran into a couple of snags, but these were human errors more than anything. Our members have been very positive about Coherent so far.”

Lessons from the MVP

The biggest part of phase 2 of development on Coherent will be preparing the system for a public launch.

To ensure everyone gets the most out of the system, Ryan has spent a lot of time with each of the early adopters. “Helping them set up their workspace on Coherent has been invaluable” says Ryan, “there’s no better way of collecting feedback than being able to observe users working through each of the pages.”

Going into phase 2, the first thing Ryan and the team want to improve on is the user experience. “We want Coherent to be as easy to use as possible and design is a big part of that. For example we’re introducing more contextual support tips, as these will help to guide our users through the system.”

As well as making it easier for new operators to get set up, we’ll also be working on making Coherent suitable for a variety of different types of workspaces…

“The insights that we’ve gained from our MVP have been incredibly useful” says Ryan. “We’ve focussed on a very specific feature set for phase 2, which will help Coherent to meet the needs of the co-working space market.”

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