Predictable Results

Our work with start-ups grew from companies coming to see us who’d lost their CTO, tech team, or an offshore team had failed to deliver satisfactory results. We give founders and investors needed predictability around product and technology delivery, while still being flexible.


Having the client as part of the team is essential to a successful project. We partner with clients, providing (amongst other things) on-demand CTO service, tech recruitment, technical (and content) strategies, product/metrics/growth workshops; as well as designing and delivering software.

Scaling up

When you can’t keep up with your customers (or users depending on your model), scaling out the technology, handling support, adding new features, not to mention R&D; can all become overwhelming.

We partner with you and your existing team to solve hard scalability problems, design and develop companion products, and augment your R&D; allowing your (in-house) team to continue working on your core product or service.

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Early Stage Programme

At Simpleweb we run an early-stage programme for founders that have proved an idea for a business is worth pursuing.

Our programme spans a year and involves Simpleweb investing in the business and delivering (at least) an MVP. The programme revolves around the following key areas:

  • Investment
  • Growth
  • Board
  • Technology
  • Product

We work with a maximum of 4 early stage start-ups a year, with success measured by the release of a product and further funding.

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