We’ve recently teamed up with Skim Technologies, a startup using the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to help the sharing and managing of information online.

The concept is simple: their API takes large pages of information and condenses them into short, bite-size summaries that can be used within 3rd party apps, or bots.

Skim Technologies was founded in 2014 by Lloyd Jennings and Jack Hampson, and was born out of frustration of receiving unrecognisable links in emails and documents, that need to be clicked, in order to determine the relevance.

Jack is a serial entrepreneur who wants to change the way we use technology by incorporating artificial intelligence into everyday processes. Jack founded his own company Adapt Mobile Ltd, a leading accessory brand for smartphones and multimedia devices, which he sold in the late 2000s. He has also held non-exec director and investor positions at a number of companies.

Lloyd specialises in business development, tech startups and online marketing. Prior to founding Skim Technologies, Lloyd helped set up 2 digital media companies, evevo, a UK based digital marketing agency and Dash Studios Ltd. Lloyd also co-founded a successful online music magazine, MyDubstep, which was acquired by Edge Media in 2010.

Jack & Lloyd are on a mission to save people time when searching for and reading relevant information.

Simpleweb have teamed up with Skim.it to help out with some front-end development. Watch this space to find out what’s next…

If you want to discuss a collaboration with Simpleweb, get in touch today.

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