After 2 years with Simpleweb, we’re sad to be saying goodbye to product manager Paul Masri, who’s leaving us to join W2 Global Data Solutions, one of Simpleweb’s investment portfolio.

W2 provide online financial and legal screening software for companies to get the information they need about the people they work with.

When we first started working with W2, the team consisted solely of the company’s founder, Warren Russell. We worked with Warren initially as his virtual CTO and tech team, helping him create the high quality products he needed.

In June 2013, we helped W2 hire its first developer who worked alongside us at Simpleweb HQ while he learned the ropes. A few months later, we had helped W2 hire their second developer and before long we were acting as an (almost!) full-time CTO.

Since then, W2 have hired their third developer, moved into their own office and successfully raised 2 rounds of funding!

So, while we’re sad to lose Paul, we couldn’t be happier that W2 are taking on a CTO that we know and trust. There’s exciting times ahead for W2 and we look forward to continuing to work with them (and Paul!) in the years to come.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more like this in the future 😉

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