Simpleweb are excited to announce our stake in The Crowd, a platform for the business community to share ideas and innovation to drive both profit and social change. The Crowd has recently overfunded on Crowdcube, raising £450,000 from over 250 investors.

We have been working with The Crowd on their latest project, The Curve, a platform for corporations to share energy investment data in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. The Curve will allow businesses to learn from each other’s energy investment schemes, enabling organisations to tackle environmental issues at an exponential rate, meaning corporates can tackle climate change faster than ever before.

“We try hard to align the interests of everyone we’re working with, be they employees or suppliers” says Jim Woods, CEO of The Crowd. “Having worked with Simpleweb long enough to know we rated them highly, it was a no-brainer to bring them in as an investor. We hope they’ll go the extra mile for us, and in return we hope they make a good return. It feels the right way to approach a highly innovative project.”

Simpleweb are proud to invest in startups and are pleased to have added The Crowd to our portfolio, alongside W2 Global Data Solutions, Survey Wizard Solutions and Contactzilla.

“We are very excited to have made an investment in The Crowd” says Simpleweb CTO Tom Holder. “We believe that the product represents the future for data sharing and collaboration between enterprises and it’s especially pleasing to us to help kick this off in the energy sector. By investing in The Crowd we have strengthened our already solid relationship and look forward to helping the team drive their business forward through effective use of technology. Moving forward, we will be helping to develop exciting new functionality and delivering the product to a wider audience.”

If you’re interested in getting support for your startup, get in touch today to discuss what Simpleweb can do for you.

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