A while ago we wrote about a new share scheme we’d set up to ensure that our team get a piece of our portfolio companies’ success.

That scheme took two years to design and now, one year later, we’re replacing it with something even better…

As part of our ongoing growth strategy, we’ve recently had a restructuring of Simpleweb and our associated companies. Because of this, we’ve been able to create a new share scheme focused on annual internal funds. All employees who worked for Simpleweb during the year get a share in that year’s fund.

Previously, returns on our investments would have been paid out as bonuses to existing employees at the time of an exit. We didn’t think this was fair as people who’d worked on a project would only benefit from that startup’s success if they still worked at Simpleweb at the time of the exit.

The new shares scheme is a much simpler solution than before and employees can take their share of the fund with them if they choose to move on.

We even built a simple web app to help our team manage their portfolio and track the progress of our investments. When our team log in, they can see their stock in Simpleweb’s associated companies and the current value of their shares in the portfolio fund.

Simple Shares is part of our ongoing mission to build happiness within Simpleweb. We love our team and this is just one of the ways we aim to share that love 🙂

If you’d like to collaborate with Simpleweb, get in touch.

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