People are at the heart of any business, and while we’re often considered to be a tech company, we prefer to think of ourselves as a people company.

At Simpleweb, we measure success by three metrics. Obviously one is cash, but the other 2 are happiness, of our clients and of our team. No project is a success unless we have a happy cashflow, client and team.

I want to share some of the ways we tackle team happiness at Simpleweb. Some of them might work in your office and some of them probably won’t, but hey, this is what makes us happy…

Treat yourself

My friends are always a bit jealous when I tell them about the perks we get at Simpleweb. Not everyone gets to go to Amsterdam for their work Christmas party, or go clay pigeon shooting as a Wednesday afternoon treat.

The perks aren’t the only reason I love my job, but a little (or not so little…) treat every once in a while reminds me that that my job is fun, my colleagues are great and my boss cares about me.

Have a health kick

You’re probably sick of hearing us talk about Simpleweb lunches, but you know what? We love them and we don’t want to shut up about them.

Since we’ve started getting fresh homemade sandwiches and soups for lunch, there’s been a lot less pot noodles, dirty takeaways and sorry looking pre-packaged sandwiches.

Sharing is caring

Share options might sound boring (and they kind of are), but knowing I get a little piece of the company I work for makes me feel more of a part of the bigger picture. The bosses don’t have to do it, in fact it kind of sucks for them, but it makes me feel good, and I appreciate that.

Talk it over

We talk about happiness a lot at Simpleweb, how important it is and what we can do to make people happier.

I get plenty of opportunities to talk to Mark and Tom about work, and since I know how much they want us to be happy, I’m not afraid to make requests for things I think will make work better, or point out if I think someone is having a hard time.

Sometimes things are changed and sometimes they’re not, but I always feel able to speak my mind and I’m never turned down without a good reason.

Make the office a second home

Like most people, I spend more of my waking hours in the office than I do anywhere else. And you know what? I don’t hate it. Our office is comfortable, we have a pool table, exposed beams and brick and comfy seats where I can slump in my less… inspired moments.

Get the beers in

I’m actually drinking a cider as I write this.

Alcohol isn’t typically conducive to getting stuff done, but every now and then, and always post 4pm, we’ll grab a drink and return to our desks. We don’t get drunk at work, and we tend to steer clear if we’ve got something urgent to finish, but every now and then, a beer in the office makes me feel a bit more at home, and occasionally, shakes up my perspective enough to get something done.

If Simpleweb seems like the kind of place you want to work, drop us a line on and we’ll chat.

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