Photo of David, Jaycee and Cristiano
David, Jaycee and Cristiano

The Simpleweb team has grown again! We’re proud to welcome three new developers to our team…

David D. (Front-End Developer) 

Having spent a number of years in the web development industry David liked the idea working on a “wide range of projects”, particularly when his friend Ben, another Simpleweb front-ender, told him about the interesting products we work on here. In his spare time David enjoys spending time with family and friends and also attends open source communities and hacknights.

Jaycee C. (Developer)

Jaycee was drawn to Simpleweb due to its “collaborative environment” and loved that “Simpleweb are always adopting exciting technology stacks.” In her spare time Jaycee regularly attends tech meetups, conferences and workshops. She’s also an avid sketchnoter and constantly doodling!

Cristiano S. (Front-End Developer)

Cristiano joins Simpleweb for a 12 month placement from the University of the West of England to learn more about front-end development and design. When visiting, Cristiano enjoyed the “welcoming and relaxed space” and liked that Simpleweb took an “interest in knowing what I would like to do.” Often trying new things, you’ll catch Cristiano slacklining in parks in Bristol, playing guitar and attending tech and coding meetups.

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