We’ve recently teamed up with Sleep and Fatigue Research Ltd (SAFR) – a startup using a wealth of sleep research to help drivers manage fatigue and prevent accidents on the road.

SAFR is the brainchild of Air Force pilot turned Head of Partnerships and New Business at Tällt Ventures, Jason Eden.

Jason spent 20 years in the RAF, the last 5 years of which he spent as the Head of Risk Management and Air Safety at RAF Northolt, an airfield operated as a commercial business, transporting government ministers and high net worth individuals around the world.

It was in the RAF that Jason’s work to tackle fatal fatigue first started. He designed and implemented a Fatigue Risk Management System for aircrews and engineers, using bio-mathematical models to study how fatigue affects cognitive function in a range of industries including aviation and the financial services.

To put it simply, Jason has studied a wealth of data about how fatigue affects people. He is now using what he’s learned to combat fatigue in the workplace, starting off with those who drive for a living, with plans to expand across a range of industries in the future.

Simpleweb are working with SAFR to create a prototype that will allow managers to monitor employees’ fatigue levels, and pull them off the road if they pose a danger to themselves and those around them. Watch this space to find out more about SAFR as it happens…

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