We now have some very talented developers including Ferenc, Luke, Ben, Christos and our newest team member Chris and we’re about to take on a marketing manager and an office manager.

It’s exciting times and it seems every month brings a new face to the office.

In an effort to make people quickly feel like part of the team, and to help us all learn a little more about each other, I like to run a monthly light-hearted competition.

The competition for February was simply “pick your favourite video related to our industry”. There were two prizes up for grabs, the first went to whoever submitted the video the team liked the most, the second went to whoever guessed the most amount of video submissions correctly “who submitted what?”. The latter task, I thought, would be an interesting insight in to their colleagues personalities and interests. It proved to be more difficult than i thought. Even though I was the only one that had seen the entries, I still managed to get some wrong!

Here are the videos:




Me (Tom)



[no longer available]


[no longer unavailable]

I think Les was a little upset I’d left him out of the competition, I promise, next time, Les will be taking part!

Chris wasn’t with us at the time so the March competition will be his first.

And the winners:

Well, Mark really won both tasks. That being said, his video wasn’t related to technology in the slightest (no suprise he ignored the rules!), so I awarded the best video to Luke and the guessing of the person that submitted the video to Mark. I’m pleased Luke won this month after taking the runners up santa hat the previous month!

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