We’ve just had a quick ask around the office on the five apps that we couldn’t do without on our Macs…

There’s a clear pattern emerging here… Can you tell that we’re a development house?


  • Git!
  • Redis
  • Mongo
  • HomeBrew
  • Echofon


  • Dropbox – to sync with my laptop at home, I think this is the only app that I would feel frustrated if I did not have at work.
  • Console – not really an app(?), but this is my preferred way of doing over half of the things I can do on a mac.
  • Spotlight – my preferred way of opening applications and finding files
  • Textmate – my preferred generic text editor
  • Firefox (& firebug) – my preferred browser


  • Chrome for browsing
  • Twitter for mac for keeping current
  • Photoshop for making nice things
  • LittleSnapper for gathering inspiration from the internet
  • Coda for coding


  • MacVim
  • GitX
  • QuickSilver (or since today, Alfred)
  • Dropbox
  • Echofon

Sarah B:

  • Echofon
  • Screenflow (I can live without but I think it is really really good!)
  • Dropbox
  • iTunes
  • iPhoto


  • Twitter (was Echofon)
  • Perian
  • Dropbox
  • Unison
  • Textmate

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