As we look at how we can help our customers with their Facebook fan pages, we thought it would be a good idea to tell you about our favourite 5 Facebook fan pages and explain why we love these pages.


An immediate favourite that comes to mind is the Red Bull fan page. Their fan page is so interactive and incredibly well thought out. They know their target audience and they use this knowledge to engage people with interesting content.

Examples of this include, “Red Bull athletes” who regularly post comments through twitter that feed onto their “athlete” Facebook tab. They have fan only downloads, and a “procrastination Station” where you can play on games and race “the bull” whilst collecting red bull cans for points. They even have Red Bull Web TV!

My favourite feature however is “Drunkish Dials.” This is a catalogue of voice messages from people who have, rather drunkenly, called the toll free number on the Red Bull can! And it is hilarious! Their innovative, fun and engaging page really is Facebook fan pages at their best!

2. Victoria’s Secret Pink

Victoria’s Secret Pink Facebook fan page is incredibly clever and creative in the way it advertises its products. Their landing page is “The Scoop” which shows you various interactive features, all leading you to their websites.

There are various games to play with leader boards, all advertising their range of products. One of the best things about this is that it is themed, so their front page is always changing and the ideas are kept fresh and interesting to all existing fans.

They also interact regularly with their fans on their wall, telling them about new products and games but also to say Happy Birthday to whichever fans birthday it is every day!

3.Duct Tape

Duct Tape’s brand of tape called “Duck Tape” is another example of how you can use your Facebook fan page. This is initially funny because they have created a new product based on what some people, incorrectly, believed their name to be (duct/duck), and then run with it for their fan page! They do not post messages to their fans everyday, nor do they have lots of interactive games and links to their website. What is great about their page is how fans interact with each other about their brand.

The fans post photos of their use of Duck Tape and write comments about Duck Tape on the wall. Duck Tape may post a message every now and again, but there are daily posts from their 1 million+ fans about how much they love the product and how it can be used anyway!

The difference between this fan page and others, is that they do not need to advertise themselves directly in this channel, the fans do this for them on their page by demonstrating how great and useful their product is! Instead, it seems to form a platform where Duck Tape represent the brand and allow fans to discuss it around them.

4. Smirnoff

Smirnoff have a number of different fan pages, including a central page and more local pages, but they all follow the same themes. They use competitions very cleverly to engage more uniquely, to inspire. The prizes are all intriguing and creative, and they are presented in a very attention- grabbing and interactive way.

They have free giveaways, party guides, cocktail menus and a lot of other great marketing features that other brands utilise, but it is their use and presentation of various contests that we really like about the Smirnoff page, who would want to miss out on some of these experiences?!

5. LoveHoney

One important point to make is that you do not have to be a big brand to get this right. LoveHoney is a great example of how a small business can use Facebook to engage with people whilst telling them about their brand.

Their page is relatively simple, it does not have all the graphics that some of the other fan pages do, but it is the content that makes this fan page successful in our opinion. They make regular, interesting posts, that users often comment on, not just about their products but about other relevant products and news.

They have various, frequent competitions that engage people and get people interacting on their wall. They have a number of tabs along the top, the virtual “Gift Shop” tab for example, that enables fans to send virtual toys to their friends on Facebook. There is an “exclusive” tab, which is also their landing page, where they post a new exclusive offer every month to all their fans and a prize draw every Monday where one lucky fan wins one of their products.

Facebook enables brands to have a personality and LoveHoney certainly has made the most of this; displaying itself as approachable, friendly, fun and interesting.

So, these are our chosen 5 from a choice of many! All very different brands using their fan pages in very different ways, all, in our opinion, very successfully!

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