We’ve recently teamed up with Ordable, an awesome startup that wants to help users beat the queues in their favourite cafes and coffee shops by allowing them to pre-order from their Smartphones.

Ordable was founded by Tom Dewhurst in 2015, after he got tired of queueing up in his favourite local coffee shop. The idea struck when Tom finished his coffee and decided he fancied a piece of cake (we’ve all been there). When he saw the queue, Tom sadly decided to skip on the cake, but did come up with a great idea to avoid queueing by enabling customers to order and pay straight from their smartphones.

Alongside computer scientist Ray and marketeer Nad, Tom bagged the opportunity to test Ordable in the Engine Shed, Bristol’s premier innovation hub. Ray created an app that would communicate with tables at the Engine Shed cafe using iBeacon bluetooth technology. Using the app, customers could browse the menu, place an order from their smartphone and pay via PayPal, instead of queueing up at the counter.

Using feedback gathered from the Engine Shed trial, Tom and the team decided to shift Ordable’s focus so that customers can pre-order from outside cafes and come in to collect their orders at a prearranged time. This also means that cafes don’t have to provide iBeacons for the app to work.

Simpleweb has teamed up with Ordable to create an app that will allow customers to view menus, place orders and make payments before they even get their foot in the door.

“We are delighted to be working with Simpleweb on the next phase of our app development” said Ordable founder Tom Dewhurst. “With Simpleweb’s experience and unique perspective, I am confident Ordable will launch a fantastic app for customers that will be essential to download. As Ordable’s future unfolds, we are thrilled to be sharing the journey with Simpleweb.”

Simpleweb will be working with Ordable on the application over the next couple of months. We’ll keep you up to date here, but if you want to beat your daily queue then drop Ordable a message and register your interest via their website ordable.co.uk.

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