Simpleweb recently teamed up with Lawyers On Demand (LOD) to create Spoke – a revolutionary online legal matchmaking marketplace that connects clients with the right lawyers for the job, giving both clients and lawyers the power to target very specific needs and cases, and bringing the legal world into the digital age.

LOD leads the market in helping blue chip companies find the best top level lawyers with very specific knowledge. Spoke will allow companies and individuals to self-serve, finding lawyers with specific knowledge within certain niches.

Spoke will use elastic search technology to bring a scalable and real time search that has been designed to replicate the processes currently undertaken by the LOD team. LOD believe that Spoke will attract specialist lawyers from niche practice areas that have previously not been part of the LOD network.

LOD co-founder Simon Harper said:

“The so-called ‘gig economy’ has allowed lawyers and legal teams to have flexibility and control over how they work and Spoke signals another stage in the new law evolution. The big law firm was one way for lawyers to work that grew out of the twentieth century. Spoke is about harnessing what the 21st century has to offer.”

Lawyer dashboard showing pending and current jobs

Spoke, which has been described as Airbnb for lawyers and Tinder law, has already invited solicitors and barristers to register and they expect to have signed up 500 lawyers by the time the marketplace opens to clients in July. Spoke will initially focus on the UK market with potential to expand globally in the future.

We’ll be continuing to work with LOD over the coming months, on the client side of Spoke, ensuring that clients are able to find the exact right support, discuss their case with potential lawyers and book jobs directly through the platform.

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