We’ve just released version 2.1 of Ordoo (formerly known as Ordable), a simple platform for pre-ordering and paying for food and drinks from your favourite cafes and coffee shops. No more queuing and cash-free coffees, hooray!

With version 2.1, Ordoo can generate coupons, setting a code, value and expiry data, which can be assigned to individual stores or a collection of stores, for example, coffee shops in Bristol, or all branches of a coffee chain.

For the first time, users will be rewarded for inviting their friends to Ordoo. Currently, each user now gets a unique referral URL. Each time a new user signs up through that URL, both the new user and the original one will receive £3 Ordoo credit. A push notification informs the original user each time they refer a new customer and their account will be credited £3 as soon as their referred friend places their first order.

This version also includes a brand new reporting dashboard for vendors who now have a totally transparent view of orders coming in through the app, and the fees they’re paying on each order. Vendors can segment reports to view data for specific categories, for example, how many lattes they’ve sold this week, helping them learn more about product popularity and making it easier for them to reconcile between Ordoo and their own till systems.

With the new version, comes new branding, something that Tom soon became aware of following the app’s launch in December 2015.

“After talking to a number of customers, we soon realised that Ordable was being confused with Audible (the Amazon app)” says Tom. “This confusion and misspelling was particularly evident when it was being spoken. Word of mouth is so important to our growth, so I had to make the call to change the name.”

The new name, Ordoo, is one that Tom believes motivates action, and it makes a pretty good verb too – Let’s Ordoo it! The new branding also signifies Ordoo’s move away from simply coffee, opening up the app to loads of interesting applications over the coming months…

“We’re a digital enabler for venues, helping them operate in an emerging digital ecosystem.” says Tom Dewhurst. “This presents us with a huge opportunity and something we’re doggedly pursuing. Right now we’re seeing very positive signs that independent venues want to enable mobile ordering and loyalty rewards. We’re just focusing on making our customer experience consistently amazing.”

Use the coupon code Simpleweb3 to get £3 Ordoo credit when you download the app (limited time only)!

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