A new release of Coherent’s workspace management platform makes the system fully self manageable by all shared workspaces and their members.

We first teamed up with Coherent (founded by Gavin Eddy, angel investor and founder of shared workspace company, Forward Space) in 2014 to develop the MVP. Coherent has since been in private beta, in use by a handful of shared workspaces whose experiences have helped shape the future of the product.

The latest release of Coherent will allow for 4 levels of user permissions, making the system fully self manageable for workspaces and their members.

Workspace operators – who may own several workspaces – will be able to view and manage the Coherent system across all of their properties in one simple dashboard. Operators can assign hosts to each property or workspace so that the Operator doesn’t need to be handling the day-to-day they own.

An operator can view each individual workspace from within their admin

Companies who hire a space will be have “organisation admin” permissions, allowing them to manage Coherent for the whole company. “Organisation members” or individuals who work in companies hiring a workspace will be able to control their own accounts only. By having multiple members per Organisation, anyone can make bookings when they need, without having to ask the Admin user to process it. It gives organisations and their members a lot more flexibility and control.

An organisation admin can view details for all their members

This latest release is part of Coherent preparation for a public launch later this year. Visit coherent.work to find out more or watch this space for more updates!

If you’d like to discuss your product or startup, get in touch with Simpleweb today.

If you’d like to discuss your startup or project, get in touch with Simpleweb today.

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