We’re pleased to announce the latest release of Rusic, a simple, focused landing page generator that anyone can use to create one-page websites in minutes. And it’s free!

Creating a landing page in Rusic is dead simple. While we wait for user feedback to find out what will be the most useful to you, we’ve kept the functionality as simple as possible…

  • Add your own branding – add your logo, favicon, brand colours and background image (if you want).
  • Add and edit copy simply – adding copy is as simple as filling in a few form fields.
  • Collect user data – currently, you can collect users’ names, email address and postcodes.
  • Integrate – connect with your Mailchimp account and implement Google Analytics without writing any code.
  • Refer – done right, referrals are one of the cheapest and most effective acquisition strategies there are. Rusic allows you to track who your top referrers are, and shows you your viral coefficient so you don’t have to work it out yourself.

Many of the startups we speak to (including our own clients and investments, as well as those who just come in for a chat and some advice) don’t need complex websites. They mostly need simple landing pages to generate interest and validate ideas. Those with mobile apps simply need a home on the web for their terms and conditions, privacy policies and a short sales message to get people into the app stores.

Visit hq.rusic.com (which, incidentally, was built on Rusic) and you’ll be invited to try it out soon.

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