We’re pleased to announce that Invite Agents is the newest startup to join our community of investees.

Invite Agents is a new online platform that connects homeowners with local estate agents. The majority of existing ‘agent comparison’ websites simply provide homeowners with typical agent fee percentages for their area.

In contrast, Invite Agents connects the homeowner directly with local agents allowing for personalised fee quotations and the tools to easily compare quotes using a range of metrics, making it simpler and easier to select an agent that provides the best value.

Founder Stephen Berridge told us: “Following an early meeting with Mark Panay and some of his colleagues we knew we had found our partner. We liked the fact that Simpleweb wanted to help research and prove our concept before suggesting any further work. This had two benefits, firstly, it was acknowledgement from an external entity that we were going down the right path, but it also meant the Simpleweb team knew ‘Invite Agents’ inside and out – which ultimately led to an offer of investment and Simpleweb becoming a key part of our team.”

Following the completion of their crowdfunding round towards the end of this year, we will work with Invite Agents to build their MVP to various early-adopters in the Bristol market.

Stephen adds: “As a business, we think we have an exciting few years ahead of us with significant growth on the horizon. For me personally, it as much about growing a business with a great culture and an engaged team. We want to create an environment that encourages our team members to constantly question what we do, ensuring we are offering both agents and home owners the right tools to help them achieve their goal and value drivers.”

If you’d like to discuss your startup or project, get in touch with Simpleweb today.

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