We were recently approached by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) – a world-leading membership organisation for those in the finance and accountancy industry – about an exciting new project.

A unique part of what ICAEW offers is the only directory of chartered accountants and organisations in England and Wales which, at the time, was run through two websites both linking up to multiple databases.

It was confusing for their users, who didn’t necessarily know which website would best serve their needs. Their mission was to fix this and make it easier for them to find accountants, organisations and those offering advice – all in one place.

ICAEW was initially drawn to us because of our work with Lawyers On Demand in building Spoke – a legal matchmaking marketplace that connects clients with the right lawyers for the job.

That said, the tender was competitive, with nine other businesses pitching for the contract at their HQ in London – so we were proud to have been selected to take on the challenge.

Pitching to the converted

Despite being well-known for our work with startups and new technologies, there was something that struck us about the idea of working with ICAEW.

For such a large organisation, we found their support of startups particularly refreshing. One of their microsites is designed for founders to be able to access chartered accountants who’ve agreed to offer free advice to startups. This sat well with our values.

We were also impressed with their flexible approach to project management. With both sides keen on an Agile approach, we knew we were on the same page when it came to getting the project completed both smoothly and to a high-standard.

For them, it was our clear and simple solution to a difficult problem was what won us the contract in the end.

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