Facebook streamlines developer application

Yesterday, Facebook announced a redesigned developer application to make it easier to update basic app settings.

The new streamlined user interface shows the different app integrations and walks developers through the fields needed to get started.


Simplify dynamic JavaScript UIs by applying the Model-View-View Model (MVVM). Get started with easy interactive tutorials!

Photographers flock to Instagram

Find out why this iPhone app is proving so popular amongst fashion photographers. Don’t forget to check out the gallery of the top photographers using Instagram!

Music in Space and Time

IanniX “makes spectacularly strange sounds out of spectacularly beautiful flows of geometries through space”. Here Peter Kern explains and shows off some of what this open source sequencer can do.

10 things I’ve never heard a successful start up founder say

“I wish we had spent less time talking to prospective customers before designing interfaces and writing code” is just one of the ridiculous quotes you would never hear!


Joyent have open sourced SmartOS and it looks INCREDIBLE!

Getting refunds on open source products

Marak Squires explains some of the common courtesy that is missing from new developers using open source. There are no refunds!

Business relationship apps

Businesses need good relationships. These mobile apps help to grow brand-consumer interaction to build and strengthen these relationships. Mashable give you three examples.

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