Looting celebrities, pink sombreros and social chimps are just some of the things we’ve been checking out!

Here are this week’s top links.


Celebs caught looting in the UK riots? Surely not..

Make your own video game system with Arduino and a Wii Nunchuck

This post teaches you how to connect the Arduino, highjack your Nunchuck controller and build the light cycle races from Tron.

If you’re feeling adventurous learn how to create Tetris with the Video Game Shield add on.

Get Social with Mailchimp

Mailchimp introduce a new social plugin for WordPress that seamlessly integrates your blog with social apps. 


This “dynamic stylesheet language” lets you extend CSS with behaviour such as variables, mixins, operations and functions.

Cowboy Coding and the Pink Sombrero

Find out why these guys have to wear a pink sombrero when changing code directly on production servers.

Good Trial Conversion Rates: The ticket to success?

Is your company driven by free trials? Make sure you read these 5 top tips for converting your free trial users into paying customers.

Website features you don’t want!

Conversion rates seem to be a popular topic in blog posts this week.

Here are 10 website features which Dave Cain thinks will lower your conversion rates as well as annoy your users.

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