Simpleweb Challenge hacknight

Join us on the evening of Wednesday 5th April to prototype the future of keeping secrets at the Simpleweb Challenge hacknight in association with visual authentication providers PixelPin – and you don’t have to be a coder to win!

As more and more of us become concerned about what information is being held on us, by who, and how it’s being used, it seems the perfect time to be thinking about security, privacy and secrets.

Whether you want to securely share data at work, protect your photos or mask yourself from CCTV, we’re inviting you to create the future of secrets.

Great apps aren’t just about tech, so as well as developers, we’re inviting all creative, business-minded and ideas people to get involved. Whatever your area of expertise, everyone is welcome. There will be separate prizes for technical prototypes and design-led wireframes and mockups so everyone has a chance to win.

This Simpleweb Challenge is sponsored by PixelPin – the awesome visual authentication solution, replacing passwords with pictures. Find out how to implement PixelPin into your product here.

RSVP on Meetup now.

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