Please note, this hack night has now been postponed and will not take place on Thursday 7th March, as originally planned. New hack date coming soon!


At this time of year, light seems more important than ever. With short days and long nights many suffer with the winter blues.

Light has a physiological effect on our bodies, changing our sleep/wake system, hormones, mood and energy. Research has shown that our skin alone responds to different types of light, even if most of our body is in complete darkness.

But light is more than that. In Denmark they have a word that describes the intimate cosiness of a room, ‘Hygge’ – which is importantly influenced by lighting. Usually lots of lamps!

Then there’s the lights we experience at gigs, events and club nights, usually orchestrated by professionals with years of experience – and of course the environmental benefits of hacking into light – solar energy.

So what would you do if you could hack into light?! If you could kick off a startup that uses light as an inspiration, what would it be?

At our next Simpleweb Challenge hack night, this March 7th, we invite you to build something cool in response to the following question:

How can we use light to improve or enhance the human experience or the world around us?

This is your chance to get together to generate ideas and solutions. And the brilliant thing is, you don’t need to be a coder to get involved!

Whether you use the evening to build a beautiful new app, pitch an idea, create a hand-drawn prototype, code something crazy, hack some hardware or just let your ideas run wild – it’s up to you!

At our last event we were pleased to welcome some people who’d never been to a hack before (and walked away with prizes). If you want to know more you can read all about it on our blog.

To sign up, join the Simpleweb meetup group for free and RSVP.

If you’d like to discuss your startup or project, get in touch with Simpleweb today.

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