Simpleweb and one of our awesome clients, The Crowd, have been featured in the #GreenTech2015 brochure [PDF]!

The brochure is part of the Bristol 2015 European Green Capital celebration. While it’s not a comprehensive guide (there are so many more amazing green companies in Bristol), the brochure aims to offer an insight into the region’s strengths in greentech.

According to Sonny Masero, International Greentech Advisor, Bristol 2015 European Green Capital…

“As the companies featured here show, entrepreneurs and businesses in the West of England are increasingly focusing their attention on the significant commercial opportunities being offered by greentech, that is the technology which makes a positive change by reducing our impact on the planet… Greentech is profitable because it makes sound business sense.

Today, the conservation of natural resources and the use of renewable resources is seen as a business imperative, not just because it is good for the environment but because there are commercial opportunities and business risks in corporate supply chains that are over-exposed to needing energy, water or other scarce resources.”

Simpleweb and The Crowd were profiled for our work on The Curve, a peer-to peer platform that allows businesses to share information about their energy investments. The idea is that businesses will be able to take a more cumulative approach to reducing carbon emissions, whereby companies can build on the experiences of others to speed up the battle against climate change.

We believe that sharing ideas and innovations is key to the future of profitable and socially responsible businesses, and we’re super proud to be working on such an awesome project.

If you’re a startup working on green issues, get in touch today to see how Simpleweb can help you!

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