The ability to take part in national politics by voting is a key right of passage for young people once they turn eighteen. Yet it’s something that many wish they could take part in earlier.

Keen to get their voices heard, more and more youngsters who aren’t quite old enough to vote are turning to the Youth Politics and the ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign, the UK’s largest survey of young people’s views.

We’ve had an exciting opportunity to work with youth education and careers startup Fledglink, who are sponsors of this year’s Make Your Mark campaign, to help them build on their app that empowers young people to take control of their careers and work with companies that align with their values and skills sets.

Fledgeling futures

Fledglink’s involvement in 2019 will enable the British Youth Council charity to reach thousands more young people across the country.

Ellie Yell Founder of Fledglink says: “Seeking a ‘curriculum for life’, work experience, work-ready skills and tackling discrimination are recurring issues for young people over the years.

“Fledglink is uniquely placed to better prepare a generation for their future and, through our free app, we ensure ‘equal access’ to this support and work opportunities.

“We are so excited therefore to be able to support the British Youth Council’s mission and provide a solution for young people on issues that they are proactively campaigning for.”

Youth vote

The nation-wide Make Your Mark ballot gives people aged 11-18 the opportunity to shortlist issues to be debated in the House of Commons chamber by Members of Youth Parliament.

2018’s campaign saw a record-breaking ballot of more than 1.1 million young people, with the most popular topics including knife crime, mental health and ‘votes at 16’ being debated by youth representatives at the House of Commons.

Teachers, schools and youth organisations can register for paper ballots for the Make Your Mark 2019 campaign up until the 18th July 2019.

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