Popular outdoor clothing company, FatFace, tasked us with creating their summer campaign in a very short space of time. They wanted a brand heavy social competition to get people talking and further increase brand awareness.


We were able to build the campaign quickly and cost-efficiently using our social community platform, Rusic.

We created a social beauty contest where entrants uploaded 2 photos of themselves and were able to share their page via social networks to encourage their friends and family to vote for them. The twenty users with the most votes got to go to a casting session with the possibility of becoming the ‘face’ of FatFace.

With quick and easy sign-up through users’ existing Facebook or Twitter accounts, commenting for each entrant and integration with an iPhone app, a vibrant community soon built up around each entry.

The top entrants drove 2-3,000 unique visitors each to their pages. On average, each person who visited the site generated 7 more visitors.

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